Water tourism

Water tourism, that is clear from its name, is directly connected with the rest in the water with swimming, whether the boat, catamaran, kayak, boat and so on. Water travel vacation – it’s like lakes, rivers reservoirs at various tourist vessels. Also, this type of tourism include hiking and sailing ships.

Tourist group may choose at its discretion a water route that will match their skills and interests. What is so attractive about boating?

Water route on a sailing vessel

Water route on a sailing vessel

It combines elements of active recreation, as well as educational and health. Physical Education and Sports also an integral part of recreation. That’s why boating divides leadership pedestrian tourism. more »

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Where to stay in Rome?

All of us, traveling on my own, trying to settle down so that it is as close as possible to reach the famous sights of a country. However, very often in this location have to pay twice as much. But it is not necessary to settle so close, the main thing – to let the places you could easily get. In this paper, we pay attention to Rome, or rather the places where you can settle tourist.



We will start with the fact that remember where most desire our (and our) fellow – this area of ​​the Colosseum, Venice, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain area and the Pantheon. They are all in the heart of Rome, therefore, here are the most expensive rooms in hotels, “biting” prices for rental housing and restaurants, as well as a huge number of tourists (even develops a feeling that they are not guests here, and the Romans). more »

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Hovering in the sky miracle hotel «Marina Bay Sands»

«Marina Bay Sands» – one of the most unusual hotels in the world. It is a structure of three 200-foot towers on 55 floors each, which is located on top of the world’s largest outdoor swimming pool, whose water flows away like the horizon. Apart from the pool in “Heaven Park” (the name given to the upper part of the hotel) is a tropical garden with 250 trees and 650 various plants.

What else distinguishes Singapore miracle complex?
First, 250 banquet and conference rooms with a total capacity of 450 thousand people.

Hotel «Marina Bay Sands»

Hotel «Marina Bay Sands»

Secondly, the biggest and most expensive casino in the world, only the entrance to it is $100, although guests prefer a single visit an annual subscription costing 2000 dollars. And it includes the establishment of more than 600 gaming tables and 2,300 slot machines. more »


About ecotourism each of us at least once, but I’ve heard. He is spoken of and on TV and on the radio, well, about the Internet you can not mention. However, you should think about whether to always “ecotourism” is understood in the context in which it is laid?

Ecotourism at the Falls

Ecotourism at the Falls

Ecotourism – rather narrow concept. It can be called a form of travel that is related to nature and culture specific territory. It is this kind of tourism is the most environmentally friendly, friendly to nature and the environment, as ecotourism covers an area with a unique landscape and nature. Also, this type of tourism is a great benefit for the preservation of the cultural environment of the region. more »

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How to rent a house in Thailand? Part 2.

Thus, from the last part of the article, you learned about all the pitfalls of the rental process in Thailand. It’s time to find out, how is it to rent a house in the country. And it can be done in three ways: through a local newspaper, through a local real estate agency or through independent research. Consider each of these methods in more detail.

Search rental housing through the local newspaper
As the name implies, the essence of this method is to purchase a local newspaper there and finding the best one for life. For example, in Phuket – a newspaper «PhuketGazette» (she, by the way, there is even an electronic version, though ads in the paper and electronic versions are different).

Newspaper «PhuketGazette»

Newspaper «PhuketGazette»


  • can be found pretty cheap housing options which agency you in your life does not offer

  • possible translation difficulties and finding most of these ads
  • many ads are no pictures, so go to the countryside still have something on, so that this method can be well combined with independent local search

more »

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