Singapore – city stringent laws

Singapore – a special case. Singapore – this city, island and country simultaneously. It has no natural resources. Singapore could become one of the wealthiest and most developed cities on the planet. And probably can not call yourself a desperate traveler, if not seen any of the most amazing cities in the world and paradoxical.



It just amazes harsh law and order. For most Europeans, they seem monstrous and not possible for life, but for the citizens are an everyday norm. So before you make a trip to this beautiful state should get to know the laws and regulations. Many offenses in this city shall be punished by death. This penalty applies not only to locals but also for tourists. For a small dose of marijuana can lose his head.

Gum, which is very popular in our countries and Europe in Singapore permitted only by prescription. But do not worry, that had brought would remove gum as smuggling, but the penalty for throwing her to the ground is a thousand local dollars. The same amount of the fine can be paid for butt thrown on the ground or not cleaned debris from the beach. Even a small wrapper face a fine. You can get to perform community service. They can last for two weeks. Prohibited smoking in public places. Do not feed the stray animals and birds. The most paradoxical thing is that the city is quite difficult to find stray animals. Men are required to walk around the city in the pants, and women in stockings, regardless of the weather.

For us, this city seems to be very harsh, but strangers visiting the city and the country stands with respect to the received orders and then your vacation will take the glory. And in the beautiful Singapore is something to see. Have a nice holiday.