Beautiful lake in Europe

In Europe there is a lot of beautiful lakes, which are connected with legends and myths. In the nineteenth century, the lake began to visit for tourists. Being on the lake may relax and refresh your body and mind.

Colorful places including mountains and hills, including a choice of water sport, makes the lake surrounded by famous attractions.

Lake Annecy, France

Lake Annecy, France

See also the list of the most beautiful lakes in Europe:
Lake Annecy, France – is in the heart of the French Alps, is considered a great place to enjoy nature and practice all kinds of water sports: sailing, kayaking, water skiing.

Duych Loch, Scotland – one of the most beautiful on the shore rises medieval palace Eylean Donan. According to legend, mermaids swam in the lake (women with fins and skin seals).

Kerid Lake, Iceland – one of the sets of volcanic lakes in Iceland, located deep in the crater Grimsnes in southern Iceland. The lake is surrounded normal for this region the red volcanic rock. This is one of the points in the Golden Circle tour released.

Lake Bled, Slovenia – famous for its islands, where the temple stands majestically in the seventeenth century Baroque genre. Accommodation Lake in the Alps makes it a perfect place for a romantic getaway for two.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia – is included in the UNESCO list, Plitvice Lakes National Park stiffness with multiple waterfalls. The area is considered a great place for hiking.

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda, Italy – Located at the foot of the Alps Adamello, in the vicinity of Verona. Lake Garda is considered the greatest and purest Italian lake. This makes it an extremely popular holiday destination.

Lake Resiya, Italy – travel lake Resiya curious mainly due to the bell tower. Legend has it that winter may still hear the bells ringing.