Astronomical tourism in Ukraine

Usually form astroturizma in Ukraine are considered qualified under the command of travel guides travel companies with telescopes in the Carpathian or Crimean mountains. Domestic tour operators usually recommend a trip to the Crimea.

Astroturizm in Ukraine

Astroturizm in Ukraine

During these trips you have the probability to observe stars themselves, to listen to lectures on astronomy, to come to the station and the observatory space tracking. Primarily Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in Bakhchisarai area, space tracking station in the town of Mirny, antenna complex distant space communications about Simeiza, Management Center space satellites near Simferopol, National Mission Control Centre near Evpatoria.

Recently began to show interest in laboratory observation satellites and celestial bodies of the solar system in Transcarpathia. Once it was a top-secret facility, and her colleagues engaged in the supervision of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Even you can choose pretty elite form astroturizma which recommends a visit points on continents where punctually may oversee the eclipse of the Sun and Moon. Such trips are planned in advance, because such events occur at exactly the particular time and within a particular place.