Tourism in Hurghada

One of the provincial capitals of Egypt is the town of Hurghada. Near Hurghada is also a little resort towns located near the shores of the Red Sea: the famous city for resorts and Soami Makadi, the famous town of El Gouna and Safaga city.

For food use in hotels in Hurghada “buffet”. It is worth noting that the choice of different snacks diversity and generosity, served every day a lot of vegetables, fruits and all sorts of different kinds of fish.

Mosque Abdulhasana Elshazi, Hurghada

Mosque Abdulhasana Elshazi, Hurghada

In Hurghada, exceptional weather, so tourists come here for almost a year. In contrast to the Mediterranean Sea, where most of the climate is humid, summer tolerable in Hurghada, as the air in this place dry. Sea breeze – it’s for Hurghada characteristic state, which makes relaxing on the beach in Hurghada pleasant even in hot summer.

Whatever is not settled at the tourists, just can say that it will not be boring. In order to enjoy the life of marine flora and fauna, you will not need to go diving, you can simply visit the submarine “Sinbad”, which descends to a depth of 20 meters, but already there through the windows you can look at the fish living in waters having different and unusual shape and color.

Fish themselves closer to the window, as the ship is constantly supervised by divers who deliberately lure fish than attracted to the boat. Each passenger who visited the underwater vehicle, so that he remembered about the dive, awarded a special certificate which confirms that the owner really explore the depths of the ocean. If the tourists want to relax in a different city, you just have to visit Hurghada, to see all the secrets of the flora and fauna under water.

Tourists arriving in Hurghada, tour guides recommend breathe warmed air of the desert. For this is not a sin to look on a visit to the Bedouin and take a jeep safari. Near the mountain is a well Shaib Um Dulfa around which a tribe of their homes Salem. It takes kindness with all the tourists. Tourists are offered for lunch and ride a camel. Celebrity their main tribe is the gold mine, which is now not working. Also famous for the ruins of the mountain, which transmit the whole image of the ancient city.

If you had a holiday in Hurghada, you will certainly need to experience their national cuisine. Be sure to visit a local restaurant, which is located on the pier, where you will make the chef squid, who was recently caught, or other fish dishes.

Aqua Park in Hurghada

Aqua Park in Hurghada

In the south of Hurghada is famous castle, which is known from fairy tales “Thousand and One Nights”, it is made like Disneyland, only with the components in the design, oriented to the east. At this point the local theaters are always doing theater who are familiar with the life of Egypt under the Pharaohs. In the area of ​​the palace is a luxury hotel in Hurghada, which resembles the sultan’s palace, here placed souvenir shops and many restaurants.

If your tour takes place on the way to Hurghada via Cairo, you can see the ancient Coptic monasteries. Monastery of St. Anthony – the first monastery, it is near Zaafarana. This monastery is noteworthy because of its location. It is as if art was attached to the rocks, and only around the desert, close to the place where the rock is bottled straight from the purest source transparently. Located near the source of the cave in which lived and St. Anthony. Have survived rare frescoes of the 13th century, which are now kept in the church of the monastery. It can also get acquainted with the culture and lifestyle of the time to visit a huge library, which stores two thousand ancient scrolls and books that have been written by hand.

The second attraction in Hurghada is the monastery of St. Paul’s Monastery, which is among the cities Zaafarana and Ras Gharib. This monastery was founded around the sixth century. According to legend, St. Paul and St. Anthony were peers and periodically stopped by to visit each other. Monastery of St. Paul name consists of four churches, the main of which is in a cave under Paul. A turret monastery unusual harmony with the backdrop of mountains.