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It is not necessary to become a pilgrim, in order to go on a journey to religious shrines. These extraordinarily beautiful place and literally breathe history.

Ruins of Ephesus

Ruins of Ephesus

In the footsteps of the Apostle Paul, Greece and Turkey
Following the apostle Paul could make a great and very informative tour. Strengthen its worth in Turkey, not very large settlement of Tarsus, the birthplace of the saint. And from there heading to Ephesus. Ruins of Ephesus are located 3 km from the progressive town of Selcuk. In addition to numerous ancient ruins, the city is renowned for being here to read his sermon apostle traveler. From Ephesus, followed by St. Paul, go to Greece to Rhodes, where he continued his own sermons, and from there to another island – Lindos. Not very large comfortable bay marked away white church – the very place where Paul went ashore.

Reformation Germany and Switzerland
Continue tour possible in the Greek capital. In the apostle preached to the Areopagus Athenian sages. In Thessaloniki, now is not a very large modern Greek town, he first heralded the dawn of Christianity. Here it is intended temple. Place preaching of St. Paul also seen Byzantine basilica in Corinth.

Martin Luther break with the Pope and the Catholic Church marked the foundation of the Reformation in the XVI century. Today Protestant pilgrims begin their own trip Wittenberg – the cradle of the Reformation. Here stands the church, to the door of which Luther nailed his 95 theses own.

Biblical sites in Jordan
Next stop of the route – Eisenach, the town where Luther was sent into exile and where – in the walls of the fortress of Wartburg – translated the New Testament into German. From there move to the ancient Worms legendary library consisting of sochineny Luther and his contemporaries, as well as the fact that there was just the initial English-language Bible printed.

In the Black Forest, on the shores of Lake Constance, was executed by the Czech reformer Jan Hus – the place of his death indicated Hussenshtayn stone.