Cycling – types of bikes

Leading manufacturers of bicycles made ​​the following series of bikes.

Road bikes
This type of bike is ordained to move at high speeds on asphalt benign. On similar bikes set records for days cycling such as the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Uelta and the Olympics. Developing the design of this bike, manufacturers optimize the first high-speed data. The price of similar bike is quite high, because they are assigned for the high-class professionals, and is about 10-20 thousand dollars. Price for new cyclists bike is somewhere $300, and improved designs to $1,000 and up.

Mountain bike

Mountain bike

MTB (mountain bike)
These bikes have some differences. Since they have a slightly smaller diameter wheels, unlike the road. The frame of this bike is made slightly higher strength. Because mountain bikes brought operate in a very problematic driving situations, these new items as hydraulic brakes and suspension fork, have been developed specifically for mountain bikes.

Mountain and road bikes binds the factor that the design of these bikes have been developed taking into account the achievements of high speeds in a variety of race conditions. In operation, these bike riders often sacrificed normal operation and driving comfort in the name of achievements maximum speeds.

City bicycle (citybike)
The name itself tells about the range of its use, it is assigned to ride on city streets. By design, it looks like a “road”. The device used this bike multispeed planetary hub, which practically does not need a stable maintenance, and which provide the ability to shift in any condition, even without turning the pedals.

Travel bike (touring)
This type of bike predugotovlen to implement tourist routes. It can be country trips on one or two days, and multi-independent transcontinental trip. In appearance and design, it looks like a road bike, but they have especially stable and allows you to conveniently move with a significant load.