How to rent a house in Thailand? Part 1.

Independent travel planning, every tourist almost immediately faced with the question of finding housing. Quite often it is easily solved – the reservation for your selected hotel. However, not all countries located in the hotel justified, but somewhere they all are relatively rare. No matter why you have decided to have her own, even if rental housing in Thailand, we will tell you how to do it. However, before we proceed to the issue, I would like to tell you some of the nuances that are directly related to it.

Apartment rentals in Thailand

Apartment rentals in Thailand

So, all rental housing in Thailand is divided into two large groups: those with long-term leases (longterm) and short (shortterm). Under the long term here means the period from six months. And by the way is this “longterm” are usually much cheaper “shortterm”. For example, a month stay in a villa can cost you the same price as 3 months. Caused by the fact that for the services of real estate agency does not pay the tenant and the landlord.

Just like in any other country of tourism, housing prices can vary considerably (even 2 times) depending on the season. Most reasonable prices in Thailand from May to October.

And remember that the rent does not always include utilities, telephone, Internet, etc. So ask this question before signing the contract. By the way, an intern there all is not well, so before you give your money do not be lazy to take the laptop to check.

And the last point. Quite often the rent in Thailand have to pay not only rent, but also some “insurance deposit” or “security deposit” (deposit insurance). So, this deposit – guarantee for the owner, what with all the things in the house did not happen: they will not be damaged, stolen, etc. Therefore, if your departure will be all right, the money from this deposit will be returned in full.