Upside down house in Szymbark

And that just will not go to the people that they do not come up with to lure in their seats more tourists. Very good, if your area has some unusual attractions, historical sites, or just incredibly beautiful natural landscapes. Well, if your area most ordinary? There is a way – is to create something unusual with their hands. It did so in Szymbark, which is located in Poland, in a small town built “Upside down house”.

Upside down house in Szymbark, Poland

Upside down house in Szymbark, Poland

This house is a conventional wooden structure, only inverted 180 degrees, and instead of the floor in his roof. The basis for this house to take a big stone on which this roof and rests.

This house was built by a local businessman who wanted to show the abstraction of the modern world, where literally everything was turned upside down. Wealth of some other crowded and poverty, war, famine, and somehow especially luxury combined in this strange world. It is this sense created the idea of ​​”flip houses” put into his creation.

Usual cost house construction crews, however, during construction there were constant hitch as a “mirror” of the house to interfere with its construction.

Inside this home also turned upside down. All the furniture is bolted to the ceiling, lamps and light fixtures from the bottom up. Any person who comes to this house can not be in it very long since lost orientation in space. Inside the house is a museum of modern art, it is possible to see the paintings, which are devoted to the general concept of the house.

“Upside down house” has become a very popular tourist attraction in the Polish town endlessly come all new tourists who want to witness this unusual house.