Natural pools of Pamukkale

One of the most famous resorts in Turkey – Pamukkale: there for tourists not only provided all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay, but also for the effective treatment of various diseases.

Pamukkale resort, Turkey

Pamukkale resort, Turkey

Pamukkale – this place is extremely beautiful, wonderful and worthy, which has an ancient history. Even in the most ancient times, people knew about the healing properties of mineral springs, which in these places myriad. There is a legend that the ancient tribes of the people during the reign of Cleopatra gladly visited these hot springs, which already possessed miraculous powers. There was also erected Gerapolis city, the ruins of which have survived to this day.

At this point came together history and nature. It is this oasis attracts huge number of tourists who come to Turkey Pamukkale to see ancient sculptures, reliefs, the remains of Roman baths, the ancient cemetery.

Pamukkale – a real natural phenomenon, which is located at the geographic fault, so this place is extremely rich in various hot springs in the form of geysers. In the water contains large amounts of carbon dioxide and lime, which have useful properties. A century-old sediments eventually formed naturally by the amazing terrace pools. The most important and unique beauty in Pamukkale nature itself. Hot water kaltsimirovannye beat right out of the ground and flowing down to form a waterfall. Deposits of lime form fanciful columns, arches and terraces. Thermal waters have a beneficial effect on the human body, which is why Pamukkale is visited daily by day more and more tourists. After visiting these places you cheerfulness and pleasant emotions, extraordinary natural beauty of Pamukkale not leave anyone indifferent.