About ecotourism each of us at least once, but I’ve heard. He is spoken of and on TV and on the radio, well, about the Internet you can not mention. However, you should think about whether to always “ecotourism” is understood in the context in which it is laid?

Ecotourism at the Falls

Ecotourism at the Falls

Ecotourism – rather narrow concept. It can be called a form of travel that is related to nature and culture specific territory. It is this kind of tourism is the most environmentally friendly, friendly to nature and the environment, as ecotourism covers an area with a unique landscape and nature. Also, this type of tourism is a great benefit for the preservation of the cultural environment of the region. In the literature you can find lots of definitions of ecotourism, which are united by a common sense that this kind of tourism is not for nothing is called “green” tourism.

What is ecotourism ?
It is a journey of people untouched natural places, which on one side has a positive effect on the conservation of nature, and on the other hand is an additional source of financing for local residents.

What are the main positive features of this type of tourism ?
Ecotourism actively involves people in the preservation of cultural and natural heritage. Locals also actively involved in the planning and implementation of further environmental activities that may be their additional earnings. Ecotourism and equally directed at individual visits, and group.

Thus, this kind of tourism can be called the safest to use natural natural resources. The more developing ecotourism destinations, the more people will carefully treat the nature of the region where they live.