Where to stay in Rome?

All of us, traveling on my own, trying to settle down so that it is as close as possible to reach the famous sights of a country. However, very often in this location have to pay twice as much. But it is not necessary to settle so close, the main thing – to let the places you could easily get. In this paper, we pay attention to Rome, or rather the places where you can settle tourist.



We will start with the fact that remember where most desire our (and our) fellow – this area of ​​the Colosseum, Venice, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain area and the Pantheon. They are all in the heart of Rome, therefore, here are the most expensive rooms in hotels, “biting” prices for rental housing and restaurants, as well as a huge number of tourists (even develops a feeling that they are not guests here, and the Romans). Disappointing and almost complete lack of grocery stores.

Slightly (only slightly) cheaper to stay in the Vatican, as you can see here almost all the sights, the truth to the airports and train stations to get far from the Vatican. Moreover, prices in restaurants because of the small number of the latter may even exceed the cost of similar courses in the center of Rome.

By the mid-market can be attributed this beautiful corner of Italy – Trastevere. He is not only extraordinarily beautiful, but also well located: it takes just 20 minutes to reach the area of the Pantheon, and a 40 – to Piazza Venezia. Also here only in a variety of cafes and restaurants you can taste the real Italian pizza, pasta and delicious potato rolls. However, unfortunately, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum here will get long.

Well, the most budget option will Thurman, there and the prices do not bite, and access to all of Rome’s attractions here is not difficult, just need to catch the right bus or subway.