Water tourism

Water tourism, that is clear from its name, is directly connected with the rest in the water with swimming, whether the boat, catamaran, kayak, boat and so on. Water travel vacation – it’s like lakes, rivers reservoirs at various tourist vessels. Also, this type of tourism include hiking and sailing ships.

Tourist group may choose at its discretion a water route that will match their skills and interests. What is so attractive about boating?

Water route on a sailing vessel

Water route on a sailing vessel

It combines elements of active recreation, as well as educational and health. Physical Education and Sports also an integral part of recreation. That’s why boating divides leadership pedestrian tourism. But in contrast to the same foot or ski touring, boating technically more difficult, as a tourist must be able to assemble, repair ship, he also useful skills collection, disposal and conservation of water and food equipment. Besides tourist should know how to go and sit on the ship, to be able to manage these ship, accost him and cast off. Also you need to know and distinguish water obstacles and be able to overcome them.

That’s always worth and that boating potentially dangerous, as it is associated with a pond. Even in the most simple hikes can happen contingencies that will cause accidents. So before you hit the water hike should be familiar with the rules of water safety rules and first aid.