Golden Gate in Kiev

The capital of Ukraine Kyiv city is famous for its ancient monuments and sights. Near monuments fortification should be noted Golden Gate which preserved to our times. Eyes of every person on the time gate data is striking in its splendor and inaccessibility.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Golden Gate was built in 1037, when Kiev ruled greatest Prince Yaroslav the Wise. In those days the city was surrounded by very tall Kiev ramparts, which were surrounded by moats recessed. Golden Gate intended central entrance to the city and drew a fairly large arch with a military platform above it in the center. Crowned pad white stone church of the Annunciation. This unique work of ancient architects drove in admiration of contemporaries and opponents marveled at their inaccessibility.

Excluding defense purposes Golden Gate implemented and alternative functions. Then took the noble guests and foreign ambassadors. Here mourners princely which were to protect the Russian land. After graduating with honors, took hikes winners.

But the inexorable passage of time has not spared this original monument. By the end of the XVII century the Golden Gate were in dilapidated state. The middle of the XIX century has passed a series of restoration works. Remains were removed embankments and half fixed wall. But masonry walls, open to atmospheric wind and rainfall continued inexorably deteriorate.

Only in this modern monument was allocated attention and it was decided to build a pavilion over the Golden Gate, which would protect them from further destruction. In addition, the restoration works were carried and Gates found their original form. The festive opening of the monument of architecture “Golden Gate” occurred in May 1982, and was dedicated to the celebration of the 1,500 th anniversary of Kiev.

The main part of the building of a tower as tall draws 14 meters. In addition, the tower from the outside facade, includes a projection – of so-called “small tower”. On the one hand driveway gates shut lifting wooden lattice, studded metal. On the other hand there are gates, doors are made ​​of examples of ancient gates. Examples were the gates of the surviving monuments in Suzdal and Novgorod. The facade is decorated with brickwork, which was typical for the ancient buildings of those times. Even when the restoration and reconstruction work was shown adjacent to the tower segments embankments. Within these segments stored exhibition hall where possible to see the remaining pieces of the fortifications. In addition there may see the stairs which leads up the gate and where it is possible to admire the panorama of the ancient and eternally young city of Kiev.