Dangers Tourism

Environmental threats
First, it should be noted that tourism operates on the environment is very bad, and the blame is very large concentration of production and the people in the tourist centers that study and use previously unused natural complexes and increases the impact of other sectors (agriculture, construction, forestry, hunting, fishing).

Dangers tourism

Dangers tourism

Loss of cultural values ​​
Commercialization of life and the development of tourism in some areas leads to a mockery of traditions and the prestige of national cultures. Highest part of the world community vulgarization calls “sex tourism” and theft (export) famous cultural tourist products.

Bad environmental effects
Nature has always been dangerous, it is the history of humanity threatened us with various natural disasters (typhoons, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc.). Nowadays, a great danger have different diseases, epidemics, HIV, crime, drug trafficking, violence, terrorism, piracy, military complications. Each year, about 30 countries are among the adverse for tourism.

Caused threats
Not the exception, one of the most serious risks in tourism there is an accident, disaster and accidents. Create major problems accident at nuclear power plants, chemical plants, military installations.

Also, there are problems in the culture
Cultural conflicts usually occur between different ideologies, people and their customs. Typically, such problems often lead to mutual misunderstanding, but sometimes tragic.