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How to rent a house in Thailand? Part 2.

Thus, from the last part of the article, you learned about all the pitfalls of the rental process in Thailand. It’s time to find out, how is it to rent a house in the country. And it can be done in three ways: through a local newspaper, through a local real estate agency or through independent research. Consider each of these methods in more detail.

Search rental housing through the local newspaper
As the name implies, the essence of this method is to purchase a local newspaper there and finding the best one for life. For example, in Phuket – a newspaper «PhuketGazette» (she, by the way, there is even an electronic version, though ads in the paper and electronic versions are different).

Newspaper «PhuketGazette»

Newspaper «PhuketGazette»


  • can be found pretty cheap housing options which agency you in your life does not offer

  • possible translation difficulties and finding most of these ads
  • many ads are no pictures, so go to the countryside still have something on, so that this method can be well combined with independent local search

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Astronomical tourism in the world

At the present time astronomical tourism on a global scale is considered perfectly formed and independent tourist destination. In several countries with strong nearby observatories are built for advanced fashionable hotels astroturistov.

Ancient Observatory in China

Ancient Observatory in China

For example, it has recently been discovered in Chile special entertainment base, where every home is equipped with a removable roof and a telescope. Travel agencies are increasingly accepted arrange trips where tourists will certainly command accompanies professional astronomer. Usually this unique journey, which amount can not surpass 5-6 throughout the year. more »

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