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Lake of Death in Sicily

No wonder our world is unique, amazing and beautiful. Nature fascinates him, it would be desirable to enjoy forever. But, there are places that can lead us into confusion. One such place is the “Lake of Death” on the island of Sicily. Lake attributed to a number of phenomena and unique natural phenomena. Even the name speaks for itself. After all, this lake is dangerous to all life on our planet. Anyone who falls into this phenomenon inevitably perishes.

“Lake of Death” was made the most dangerous on the planet. The lake is absolutely no life. Lakeside lifeless and deserted, because there nothing can grow. This is due to the fact that any that fall into this lake is dying. Even if a person pleases swim in the lake, it will dissolve in just a few minutes (even if Russian!).

Lake of Death

Lake of Death

Once scientists have learned about this lake, then immediately went there a scientific expedition to study this phenomenon. Lake betrayed their secrets very hard, but, nevertheless, scientists were able to discover that there’s a lot of concentrated sulfuric acid. more »

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