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Volcanic passion

What people think in February? Of course, love! On our planet, there are places where particularly bright flash and a twisted sense of whirlwind romance. Talking about volcanoes surrounding area. No wonder they are considered a symbol of passion erupting.

Teide volcano on Tenerife

Teide volcano on Tenerife

the Canary Islands
Canary Islands 13, and they are all of volcanic origin. Lanzarote has even park Timanfaya volcanoes. The main pride of the archipelago – handsome Teide on Tenerife, one of the highest volcanoes in the world, its snow-capped peaks rising to the clouds at 3,718 meters! A name is translated from the language of the natives as “white mountain”. But the snow is here only in the winter, and only for beauty – you can not ride on skis. But how cool comfort of the sea, see in front of the snowy mountain! more »

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