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Village Giethoorn – Dutch Venice

In the Dutch province of Overijssel Giethoorn village nestled what rightly can be considered native sister Venice. In this regard, this village is often called the “Venice of the Netherlands” or “Venice of the North”.

The original settlers of this area were engaged once peat extraction, which was located in abundance on the territory of the swampy area. In order to export in order to turf, they had to dig a large number of channels. In areas of peat extraction creates not very big lake.

Village Giethoorn

Village Giethoorn

These channels are formed in the order of its many islands, which then began to settle people. Islands combined Mezhuyev a wooden bridges, the number of which is approximately 180. Depth channels, as well as lakes, quite small and is not more than 1 meter. more »

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