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Cycling – types of bikes

Leading manufacturers of bicycles made ​​the following series of bikes.

Road bikes
This type of bike is ordained to move at high speeds on asphalt benign. On similar bikes set records for days cycling such as the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Uelta and the Olympics. Developing the design of this bike, manufacturers optimize the first high-speed data. The price of similar bike is quite high, because they are assigned for the high-class professionals, and is about 10-20 thousand dollars. Price for new cyclists bike is somewhere $300, and improved designs to $1,000 and up.

Mountain bike

Mountain bike

MTB (mountain bike)
These bikes have some differences. Since they have a slightly smaller diameter wheels, unlike the road. The frame of this bike is made slightly higher strength. more »

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Astronomical tourism in Ukraine

Usually form astroturizma in Ukraine are considered qualified under the command of travel guides travel companies with telescopes in the Carpathian or Crimean mountains. Domestic tour operators usually recommend a trip to the Crimea.

Astroturizm in Ukraine

Astroturizm in Ukraine

During these trips you have the probability to observe stars themselves, to listen to lectures on astronomy, to come to the station and the observatory space tracking. Primarily Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in Bakhchisarai area, space tracking station in the town of Mirny, antenna complex distant space communications about Simeiza, Management Center space satellites near Simferopol, National Mission Control Centre near Evpatoria. more »

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Astronomical tourism in the world

At the present time astronomical tourism on a global scale is considered perfectly formed and independent tourist destination. In several countries with strong nearby observatories are built for advanced fashionable hotels astroturistov.

Ancient Observatory in China

Ancient Observatory in China

For example, it has recently been discovered in Chile special entertainment base, where every home is equipped with a removable roof and a telescope. Travel agencies are increasingly accepted arrange trips where tourists will certainly command accompanies professional astronomer. Usually this unique journey, which amount can not surpass 5-6 throughout the year. more »

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