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Amazing futuristic buildings in the world

Current architecture with its intricate shape, progressive style does not stop “born” a large number of unusual spaces.

And if in the ’60s and 1950s no one was able to imagine that on the roofs may dilute the forest to build custom-made island and underwater resorts, it is now an innovative architecture using fresh solutions, creates really unusual futuristic space, which easily rotate, float, bend, etc.

The Bandra Ohm Residential Tower in India

The Bandra Ohm Residential Tower in India

Bandra Ohm Residential Tower in India
Slightly Fine pools for habitable houses completely natural thing in the world today. But the balcony pool on each floor space – is something beyond imagination. Such innovative building Bandra Ohm Residential Tower was designed by experts from the architectural firm James Law Cybertecture. more »