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Palace of the Grand Masters

City of Rhodes in Greece consists of two parts – the New Town and medieval. Medieval city walls guard, and he, in turn, is divided into two parts. One part is called Kollakio, another – Chora. These parts are separated by an internal wall.

In Hora once housed houses, shopping center, a synagogue, a Catholic church, the Orthodox church, public buildings and military barracks. And Kollako lived knights, who is also his and built.

Palace of the Grand Masters

Palace of the Grand Masters

Here and today majestic Palace of the Grand Masters, and another grand temple and houses of the Order of the Knights.

Palace of the Grand Masters of the locals called Castello. It is located at the end of the street Ippoton, which translated means “Knights”. Palace impresses with its size. This is a magnificent and well-fortified building was the administrative center of the knights. Palace of the Grand Masters was built in the fourteenth century. After the capture of Turkish troops palace was destroyed by an explosion of gunpowder that was stored in the basement. Italians restored it in 1938.

Today it is a museum, furniture and artifacts that date back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. There is lovely statues, vases and mosaics belonging to Hellenic and Roman era. It is assumed that the palace served as the foundation of an ancient temple dedicated to the god Helios.

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