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Hovering in the sky miracle hotel «Marina Bay Sands»

«Marina Bay Sands» – one of the most unusual hotels in the world. It is a structure of three 200-foot towers on 55 floors each, which is located on top of the world’s largest outdoor swimming pool, whose water flows away like the horizon. Apart from the pool in “Heaven Park” (the name given to the upper part of the hotel) is a tropical garden with 250 trees and 650 various plants.

What else distinguishes Singapore miracle complex?
First, 250 banquet and conference rooms with a total capacity of 450 thousand people.

Hotel «Marina Bay Sands»

Hotel «Marina Bay Sands»

Secondly, the biggest and most expensive casino in the world, only the entrance to it is $100, although guests prefer a single visit an annual subscription costing 2000 dollars. And it includes the establishment of more than 600 gaming tables and 2,300 slot machines. more »